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Add ability to remove failed validation attempts from user list

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Comment dla chistki baz :)

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Then, over time, we become  http://pornmake001.co.cc bored if we’re lucky, antagonistic if we’re not. The love of our  http://pornmake002.co.cc youth becomes the bane of our middle age. If you think this formulation is overly cynical, look  http://pornmake003.co.cc around you. How many of the established marriages with which you are familiar would you describe as fulfilling? And you are sampling only unions that have survived, so far. “People change over time” is the usual explanation for falling out of love with the person to whom we promised eternal  http://pornmake004.co.cc fidelity. And who can deny it? We are not the people we were yesterday, much less who we were ten or twenty years ago.

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And yet, how many of us change our fundamental beliefs and personalities as we age? It  http://pornmake005.co.cc seems to me that there is a deeper problem in evaluating people and what they will become. We are simply  http://pornmake006.co.cc not trained to think in terms of constellations of character traits and what they imply in terms of both compatibility and future conduct. How much easier would it all be  http://pornmake007.co.cc if we were more like our major appliances and came with owner’s manuals, full of useful information on how to operate our bodies and spirits in efficient, pleasure-inducing ways. If there were such a manual it would surely contain a  http://pornmake008.co.cc chapter on how to recognize people to be wary of and people to cherish.

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Whether this is just a testimony to the power of habit or the triumph of hope over experience is unclear. What we must learn to do is look beneath the surface of our lives and recognize that much  http://pornmake013.co.cc of what we are depends on emotions and motivations outside our consciousness; these feelings reside in the realm of long, unexamined habit. Our personal styles are simply  http://pornmake014.co.cc the usual way we interact with others. And the paradox is this: Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses. Even  http://pornmake015.co.cc our capacity for love can betray us; taken to obsessive extremes, it can beget something very like hate. In our attempts to find happiness and surround  http://pornmake016.co.cc ourselves with people who will help us reach this goal, we are faced with the elemental truth that we are entitled to receive only what we are prepared to give.

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Most of us eventually realize that the person of our dreams,  http://pornmake017.co.cc even if we are lucky enough to find him or her, will have their own needs and desires that we may or may not be able to satisfy. This is  http://pornmake018.co.cc why it is important to cultivate in ourselves those traits of character that we value in others. And given our human fallibility, the most important quality  http://pornmake019.co.cc may turn out to be the ability to forgive. It is our ability to apprehend and integrate into our lives certain  http://pornmake020.co.cc important truths about human relationships that determines how successful our searches for lasting intimacy will be. For example, it is not evident to many people that the fundamental requirement for any satisfying relationship is a reciprocal ability to see the world as others see it,to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

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Once we recognize that empathy is a primary virtue on which our happiness depends, we can begin to develop an appreciation of this noble characteristic. This effort might be called becoming the person you long to  http://pornmake021.co.cc love. All of life’s most important searches, whether for material success, enlightenment, or the perfect partner, turn out to be journeys within. How do we learn to make  http://pornmake022.co.cc intelligent judgments about others? Who is qualified to teach us? Our parents would be obvious choices. They have,  http://pornmake023.co.cc after all, lived in the world longer than we. Surely they have learned something from their own mistakes and successes that will enlighten us. That this does not happen routinely is a commentary on how uncertain is the task of parenting. We cannot teach what we do not know. And so powerful is the force of  http://pornmake024.co.cc abit that what passes for conscious living often is simply repeating the same behaviors to which we are accustomed — whether they are working or not.

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If you don’t believe me, spend a little time on MySpace?.com. The values portrayed and the relationships apparently  http://pornmake029.co.cc formed there do not make one optimistic about the future. Nor is popular culture edifying with regard to the large questions of meaning. Beyond narrow definitions of beauty, the behaviors exhibited by our entertainment icons are undependable guides to how to live happily in the  http://pornmake030.co.cc world. In the overheated, hormonally driven environment of high school, accidental attributes such as physical attractiveness and athletic ability are overvalued. Those who possess neither of these characteristics tend to inhabit the margins. Anyone who has been back to their twentieth high school reunion can attest that other qualities  http://pornmake031.co.cc such as intelligence and a capacity for hard work wear better as life goes along. But even these admirable traits may not correlate closely with feelings of success and personal satisfaction. Happiness, like art, can be difficult to define, but it is clear that an essential component of a fulfilling life is  http://pornmake032.co.cc the quality of our closest relationships. People living in good marriages not only report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives, they live longer.

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Diotima’s linking of love and philosophy suggests another portrayal,  http://sexus001.co.cc in which the philosopher is ‘a sort of barefoot waif who goes out under the stars seeking an encounter with reality, the  http://sexus002.co.cc embrace, the knowledge or perhaps a shared birth, of whatever benevolence, beauty, or wisdom might be found there’ (ibid.: 24). While Irigaray finds the image of love as mediating daimon  http://sexus003.co.cc productive, other aspects of Diotima-Socrates’ speech trouble her. Irigaray contests the view that love is caused by the desire  http://sexus004.co.cc to procreate and attain immortality (ibid.: 27). She suggests that representing reproduction and the child as the motivation for love destroys the daimonic or intermediary character of love: ‘love loses its daimonic character . . .

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Love has lost its divinity, its mediastic, alchemical  http://sexus005.co.cc qualities between couples of opposites . . . A beloved [the child] who is an end is substituted for love between men and women’. While the child could be born of  http://sexus006.co.cc love and allowed to ‘germinate or ripen in the milieu of love’ it has been made, instead, to represent love and to  http://sexus007.co.cc facilitate immortality and this, for Irigaray, is a failure of love. Irigaray concludes, ‘A sort of teleological triangle is put in place instead of a perpetual journey, a perpetual transvaluation, a permanent becoming’ (ibid.: 27). The production of a child, or of creative works, the creation of immortality through  http://sexus008.co.cc production or reproduction, is a teleological quest for immortality that replaces love as an ‘immanent efflorescence of the divine of and in the flesh’.

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While the homoeroticism of the Symposium challenges heterosexual dominance, Irigaray usefully points to the risks for feminine being and Eros that may arise. Nevertheless, within Plato’s text  http://sexus013.co.cc itself the subordination of the feminine is already to some extent reversed by positioning Diotima as the teacher of Socrates. While ancient Greek homoerotics appears to have been founded on a pedagogical relation in which the older man instructed the younger, in the Symposium a woman takes the place of the older  http://sexus014.co.cc teacher and it is she who instructs Socrates, now positioned as the pupil. The Symposium then contains an internal,  http://sexus015.co.cc implicit and oblique critique of male homoerotic exclusion of feminine love by recognising Diotima’s erotic lessons. Moreover, the images of pregnancy, reproduction, birthing and parenting  http://sexus016.co.cc are central to Diotima’s teaching placing feminine activities at the centre of love and of philosophising. Adriana Cavarero suggests that.

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While Irigaray and Cavarero caution us about the disempowering effects of Diotima-Socrates’ representation of love, Wendy Brown suggests that Socrates disrupts the philosophical enterprise precisely by using the image  http://sexus021.co.cc of giving birth to ideas to challenge the agonism inherent in philosophical disputation. As Brown writes, Socrates, ‘makes strange by making female the entire philosophical endeavour, thereby . . . divest[ing] philosophy and politics of the socially male qualities to which he objects’ (Brown 1994: 173).  http://sexus022.co.cc Elaborating, Brown explains: In contradistinction to an agonistic context for philosophising, in which glory, reputation, and power are pre-eminently at stake in espousing wisdom,  http://sexus023.co.cc Plato locates philosophy in the realm of love, nurturance, and procreation. The birth and cultivation of new ideas are the natural product of a well-chosen union between two virtuous human beings. Philosophical truth is thus situated in the context of love, attachment, and desire for the Good.  http://sexus024.co.cc While Diotima-Socrates’ speech has generally been read as a valorisation of mind over body, and of philosophic love of knowledge over embodied passion, this interpretation obliterates the metaphor of birth.

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Underlying these confusing shifts in mood and allegiance is a shattered sense of  http://workjpo80.co.cc self characterized by a pervasive feeling of emptiness and lack of a firm sense of identity. Solitude  http://workglk92.co.cc is intolerable. They may feel so devalued that they contemplate suicide, and they are prone to depression and self-destructive behaviors such as cutting themselves, promiscuity, eating disorders,  http://workmzg86.co.cc or addictions to drugs. Three of four borderlines are women. These people are full of surprises and are often identifiable simply because they are surrounded by emotional chaos. Those in their orbit often find themselves behaving in  http://workzno54.co.cc confusing and impulsive ways as a reaction to the sudden mood shifts of the borderline.

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Most confusing is the bitter and poorly controlled anger that  http://workxcr43.co.cc borderlines exhibit. If you think about it, our attempts to make sense of the world and the people in it  http://workglw47.co.cc require a certain stability that allows us to anticipate what is likely to happen next. Apart from whatever ethical system or religious beliefs that govern our behavior, our conscience  http://worktxv61.co.cc is an acknowledgment that we are part of society and that fairness requires us to treat other people as we  http://workqgv66.co.cc expect to be treated. If we lack such conviction and instead see others only as objects to be manipulated for our own pleasure or gain, we are sociopaths and operating outside our culture’s laws and norms.

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People like this, however they disguise their intentions,  http://workbau30.co.cc eventually come to be seen as missing some essential component of what it is to be human. Unfortunately, such people are usually glib, charming, and able to draw  http://workqzu54.co.cc others to them. In fact, although they occupy as much as 4 percent of the population, they remain largely  http://workdxj43.co.cc invisible to the rest of us. Many of them gravitate toward hierarchical occupations that allow them to dominate and exploit others, notably business (especially sales),  http://workxjv34.co.cc politics, and the military, though they can be found anywhere. Their defining characteristic is a capacity for deceit.

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To be in the presence of a sociopath can be a  http://workfsv63.co.cc very confusing experience. On a personal level, self-absorption reveals itself in a sense of entitlement and a disregard of social rules and conventions when they  http://workmun15.co.cc conflict with one’s own convenience and self-interest. The able-bodied person using handicapped parking is an example of this. Those who cheat on tests, cut in line, or  http://workuin69.co.cc lie when it is advantageous to do so — in short those who have a cynical view of what  http://workwyp46.co.cc is required to succeed in life — are often simply in the habit of evaluating every situation on the basis of what is best for them.

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Here are some questions to ask that will illuminate these character traits: Is  http://workpxq77.co.cc this person modest or arrogant? How well does he tolerate disagreement? Is  http://workebv26.co.cc she able to listen? Does he ever change his mind? Does she seem excessively  http://workacc74.co.cc vain or preoccupied with appearances? Can he laugh at himself ? Unencumbered by a sense of obligation to others, such  http://workjqn50.co.cc people may be successful, at least in the short term, which reinforces their self-centered behavior.

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Plato’s Phaedrus like the Symposium speaks of love –  http://workpjj69.co.cc though here in the form of a conversation between two friends, Phaedrus and Socrates. This text, like the Symposium, is also most often interpreted as representing  http://workvvq81.co.cc a choice between abstract and embodied love. And, there is certainly evidence for this in Socrates speech in which love is depicted as a struggle within the soul between the  http://workvorb50.co.cc charioteer and two horses; one obedient, the other defiant. The defiant steed, suffering the urgency of desire, wants to ravish at once the beloved while the charioteer and obedient horse attempt to control this wild desire. This imageof a respectful,  http://workdeqc17.co.cc controlled desire struggling with uncontrolled urges may be discerned, also, in the two opposed speeches that Socrates presents in this text.

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