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Change Gateway ID to Node ID on my Captive Server for testing.

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The attached JPEG is safe.

This is probably not the proper method of asking this question, but I am new enough to this environment that I do not know the proper method.

I am with a new startup group in the south shore - Monteregie Sans Fil. In order to learn more, I have built a couple of captive servers at home. I am now at the stage where I want to learn more about troubleshooting, modifying etc.

I have been trying to figure out how I can relate what I see on the screen to the documents on my Captive Server - without very much success I must admit. I have provide an example below. I would appreciate it if you could direct me to the proper documents to read, or give me some idea as to how I can relate these items. In my example, I would like to change the word "Gateway" to the word "Node" on the Generic Object Editor screen.

I quickly learned that the html code that generates the page is not related directly to a file on the server - it is the actual relationship that I am trying to figure out.


Extracted from the Source Code

</div></div></fieldset> <fieldset><legend>Information about the node</legend> <div class="admin_element_item_container" id="node_information"><div class="admin_element_data" id="node_information_data"><fieldset><legend>*Gateway ID*</legend> <div class="admin_element_item_container" id="node_id"><div class="admin_element_data" id="node_id_data"><input type="text" name="node_default_gw_id" value="default" id="gw_id_input" class="input_text" /></div></div></fieldset>

Captured directly off of the screen.

Information about the node *Gateway ID* Name Creation date Description

Civic number

Street name City Province / State Postal code Country

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, information on the proper method of submitting problems such as this one would be helpful.

I expect that learning this will also help me with the Error Messages that I often see on screen, but cannot analyze. I have built and rebuild quire a few captive servers to help analyze and solve these problems :-))


Suggested Node ID change.JPG Download (131.9 KB) - added by dondruce@… 13 years ago.
Demonstrates the change I want to make

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Demonstrates the change I want to make

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Please read http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/Contact%20/%20Support for the proper method.

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