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Check Dependencies failed to Radius module ( Dependencies.php )

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There is a bug with pecl radius detection in Dependencies.php file, Revision 1185.

RADIUS must be changed into capital letters in line 144 :

144 "radius" => array ( must be change to 144 "RADIUS" => array (

Else radius authentifications fail It is a very critical bug. Thanx

/Mourad MAZOUZ /wireless-fr.org

Revision 1185, 14.3 kB (checked in by benoitg, 2 months ago)

2007-02-24 Max Horvath <max.horvath@…>

  • Updated dependencies list (completion of all required


  • Dramatic speedup of PEAR and PECL modules detection by

dependencies class

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:executable set to *
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision

140 141 /* 142 * Pecl libraries 143 */ 144 "radius" => array ( 145 "type" => "peclStandard", 146 'description' => "Required by the optional Radius Authenticator" 147 ), 148

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I double checked. The official name of the module is lowercase. Furthermore, on my version (radius-1.2.5, PHP 5.2.1) BOTH lower and upper case work fine.

What version of PHP and the radius module were you running?

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