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3OpenWRT specific README
6So, you want to run wifidog on one of linksys's WRT wireless routers!
8OpenWRT is the embedded linux-gnu bundle that runs on the linksys WRT
9series routers (among numerous others).
11OpenWRT's home page is
13---- I just want to RUN the thing: ----
14-DO NOT use the wifidog packages distributed by OpenWRT (you are asking for trouble, they are broken in various ways; you will get no support if you do)
15-Use the official wifidog packages on sourceforge (currently only available for whiterussian.
17---- I want to develop and test on OpenWRT ----
19To build wifidog so that it may be run on the linksys wrt routers you
20must first obtain the OpenWRT toolchain.  This toolchain is a set of
21compilers and other software development tools that will allow you,
22running on your intel/pentium/mac computer to compile and develop software
23that is to run on the mips based linksys wrt series routers, which is
24based on another computer cpu chip entirely.
26You have several options for building wifidog using the OpenWRT toolchain.
28Option 1. get the prebuilt, minimal OpenWRT toolchain (The OpenWRT SDK), and give the makefile it's path.  This is the best option, assuming you have a x86_64 Os (the SDK is distributed only for x86_64).
30For OpenWRT 0.9 (Whiterussian):
31        cd ~
32        wget
33        tar -jxvf OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1.tar.bz2
34        cd wifidog
35        make whiterussianipk OPENWRTSDK=~/OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686-1/
37For OpenWRT Kamikaze up till 7.09:
38        cd ~
39        wget
40        tar -jxvf OpenWrt-SDK-brcm-2.4-for-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2
41        cd wifidog
42        make kamikazeipk OPENWRTSDK=~/OpenWrt-SDK-brcm-2.4-for-Linux-x86_64
44For OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 and up, there is no SDK available and the 7.09 SDK does not work.  So Option 1 is not an option.  Option 2 is not an option either since building the SDK did not seem to work (  So jump to Option 3!
46   If it works (!) you will have an ipkg file in $(OPENWRTSDK)/bin/packages/
47   You can then boot up your OpenWrt
48   router, copy the .ipk to it, and install it using the ipkg commands.
50   You should also make sure that the wifidog prereqs are already
51   installed on the router before you try to run wifidog.  Note that if you build the
52   packages with the instructions above, they will download the required dependencies auomatically (if you have an internet connecion on yout router) and will refuse to install without them.
54   The prereqs are:
55   * iptables command and modules mac, mark and MARK
56   * iptables kernel module mac
57   * libpthread
59   These are all packages you can install on your running OpenWrt router
60   using the ipkg commands.  If the router is on the net, the ipkg
61   commands can download the packages from, just like
62   debian apt-get or fedora yum or up2date.
64Option 2. Build your own SDK (or find someone to do it for you)
65cd ~
67tar -jxvf kamikaze_7.09.tar.bz2
68cd kamikaze_7.09
69make menuconfig #(Make sure you build the SDK in "special targets")
70make #(could take hours downloading and compiling all dependencies)
71Follow the instructions in Option 1, using the SDK you build instead of downloading it.
73Option 3. Use the full buildroot directly (time consuming...)
74   cd wifidog
75   make dist
76   cd ~
77   wget
78   tar -jxvf kamikaze_7.09.tar.bz2
79   cp -R wifidog/contrib/build-openwrt-kamikazeipk/wifidog kamikaze_7.09/package/
80   cp wifidog/wifidog-1.1.5.tar.gz kamikaze_7.09/dl/
81   cd kamikaze_7.09
82   make menuconfig #(Follow instructions on OpenWRT's site to setup your buildroot for your platform)
83   make #(could take hours downloading and compiling all dependencies)
85For Kamikaze 8.09 and up, there is an extra dependency to add to the package, so here would be the new procedure
86   cd wifidog
87   make dist
88   cd ~
89   wget
90   tar -jxvf kamikaze_8.09.tar.bz2
91   cp -R wifidog/contrib/build-openwrt-kamikazeipk8.09up/wifidog kamikaze_8.09/package/
92   cp wifidog/wifidog-1.1.5.tar.gz kamikaze_8.09/dl/
93   cd kamikaze_8.09
94   make menuconfig #(Follow instructions on OpenWRT's site to setup your buildroot for your platform)
95   make #(could take hours downloading and compiling all dependencies)
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